Re: Mark 1:11

Mike Phillips (
Mon, 9 Sep 1996 06:43:50 -0700

> From: "Kevin W. Woodruff" <>, on 9/9/96 6:05 AM:
> Perhaps it's a gnomic aorist or a dramatic aorist
> Both are regularly translated by the English present tense.
> Although Turner in MHT 3 seems to think it is an ingressive aorist (but I
> don't think so) What say ye?

Zerwick says its not gnomic, concluding there are no NT examples. He
believes where the gnomic is employed by interpreters, it is used to cover
difficulties, not resolve them. Dramatic is a possibility, and seems to fit
the details of Zerwick's discriptions (sudden and intense emotional excess).
I will try to maintain sufficient strength following my 12 hour day at work to
head to a nearby seminary library and pursue BAG's note on this verse. Thanks
for your input, Kevin.

Mike Phillips

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