Mark 8:34 Deny yourself (APARNHSASQW)

Jonathan Robie (
10 Sep 96 09:07:34 EDT

This morning, my 11-year-old daughter asked me what "deny yourself" means in
Mark 8:34. I wanted to answer in a way that differentiated "deny yourself" from
"be untrue to yourself", "consider yourself worthless", or "don't expect to be
treated with any basic respect".

Looking at the entry in BAGD, I see that this term is also used to describe
Peter denying Jesus, someone denying a former occupation as a potter, etc., but
it isn't very clear on the precise meaning in the context of denying one's self.
Little Kittel is also less than helpful to me here. Is there anything that will
help me get more of a handle on this extremely important term?


P.S. why don't 11-year-old daughters ever ask questions I can answer?