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At 10:47 AM -0500 9/11/96, Kenneth Litwak wrote:
>This is not per se about biblical Greek , though it is related
>tangentially. I wonder if anyone can recommend a work or wrks which
>contain one more Greek, especially Hellenistic period novels. I've read
>the views of scholars that Luke-Acts (Pervo and Praeder) and Mark
>(Tolbert) are novels, a theory I don't find convincing, but I want to
>reaad a good selection of novels to see how they comapre. Thanks.

Ken, I think that the Loeb Classical Library has editions of several of the
Greek romances;

I know they have Achilles Tatius (Leukippe and Klitophon) at least; having
checked, I see that they also have Longus (Daphnis and Chloe) and Chariton
(_Chaereas and Callirrhoe_); you probably also ought to look at Apuleius'
_Metamorphoses_, more commonly known as "The Golden Ass," which contains
one of the most celebrated allegorical stories of antiquity, the story of
Cupid and Psyche, and book 11 of which has the most important of all
ancient descriptions of initiation into a mystery cult; this is in a new
translation in the LCL, by the way. And here's splendid news: another book
for you to read in German: I would think that an indispensible piece in
your bibliography on this subject would be R. Merkelbach's book, _Roman und
Mysterium in der Antike_. Merkelbach makes the argument that ALL the
ancient novels, Greek and Roman, were fundamentally religious narratives
culminating in the achievement of salvation.

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