Re: Slightly off-topicd: Greek novels

Bart Ehrman (
Wed, 11 Sep 1996 13:46:29 -0400 (EDT)

Far and away the most accessible resource is the wonderful collection
by B. P. Reardon, _Collected Ancient Greek Novels_ (UCal Press), in print
and in paperback. Provides lively translations of all five major
surviving Greek novels and the surviving fragments of all the others,
with an insightful general introduction and brief introductions to each
work. THe Latin novels by Petronius and Apuleius are widely available
elsewhere, several paperback editions.

On the scholarship, for my money the best general introductions,
despite the recent spate of studies, are still B. E. Perry, Ancient
Romances and, esp. Thomas Hagg (umlaut over the "a"), _The Novel in

-- Bart D. Ehrman, University of North Carolina at CHapel Hill

On Wed, 11 Sep 1996, Kenneth Litwak wrote:

> This is not per se about biblical Greek , though it is related
> tangentially. I wonder if anyone can recommend a work or wrks which
> contain one more Greek, especially Hellenistic period novels. I've read
> the views of scholars that Luke-Acts (Pervo and Praeder) and Mark
> (Tolbert) are novels, a theory I don't find convincing, but I want to
> reaad a good selection of novels to see how they comapre. Thanks.
> Ken Litwak
> Berserkely, CA