Re: The word 'Euphrates' and its meaning

Jack Kilmon (
Mon, 16 Sep 1996 21:30:53 -0600

Mr. Timothy T. Dickens wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> My question has to do with a verse of scripture found in
> Gen2:14. How does the Hebrew word 'phrt' become 'Euphrates' in
> English? First, 'Euphrates is a Greek word, and when I looked it
> up in the 9th ed. of LSJ, I did not find one single entry! It is
> obvious to me that the ...phr...' in Euphrates is from the Hebrew
> 'phrt.' But just what 'Euphrates' is suppossed to mean in Greek is
> beyond me (or LSJ 9th ed.)

I don't think the Greek "Euphrates" is taken from the Hebrew
'PHRT' (divide, branch off) but from the Avestan "huperethra"
(Good to Cross Over).

Jack Kilmon