RE: E-Mail Virus Alert

Ken Schonberg (
17 Sep 96 10:12:26 EDT

Sorry for the off topic post, but as a network admin type, I must respond
to the post regarding the "Good Times" virus. Hopefully, this thread
will die with this post.

As Debs Gaunt mentioned, the "Good Times" virus is a hoax. Reports of it
have been floating around since late 1994. I repeat -- there is no such
thing as the "Good Times" virus. In fact, it is essentially not possible
to spread a virus through e-mail in the way that "Good Times" is
purported to spread (although a virus can spread through attatchments to

Both a long and short version of a very interesting and informative FAQ
exist. They can be found at the following addresses:

Via FTP:

On America Online:

In the file libraries at keyword VIRUS.

The mini FAQ is a greatly simplified version of the long FAQ. At two
pages, it's short enough for message boards, faxes, mailing lists, and
people with short attention spans.

If you have any questions, please read the FAQs or respond to me
privately via e-mail.

Back to reading the copy of Wallace's grammar I received from CBD two
days ago...

Ken Schonberg
Minneapolis, MN