Jonathan Robie (
17 Sep 96 11:23:34 EDT

A K M Adam wrote:

> "To translate is human; to parse, divine"

Sometimes I could use a little supernatural assistance to parse sentences like
this...but the humans are pretty helpful here, too.

> 1) HATINA here carries over the "ALLA POLLA" into the EAN clause: "which,
> if they were written one by one" (or something like that);

Your explanation and Carl's helped me understand how HATINA carries the ALLA
POLLA over. I don't understand what you mean by "one by one", or what aspect of
the Greek you are expressing with that.

2) Isn't TON KOSMON the accusative of reference functioning as the subject of
CWRHSAI for indirect discourse?

I'll need more time to look at that, but it seems to make sense.

3) OIMAI is not an infinitive, but a first-person middle form: "it seems to me"
(lexical form OIOMAI).

Oops! Thanks for the correction.

> Added up, I make the phrase something like this (hyperliterally): "Not
> the world itself (it seems to me) has room for the books that would be
> written."