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Wed, 18 Sep 1996 07:45:38 +1000

>At 11:19 PM -0500 9/16/96, Rick Strelan wrote:
>>Would anyone like to comment on the use of EPIBALLEIN in Mk 14:72? I am
>>aware of the lexica and commentaries and therefore the peculiarity of its
>>usage here. I guess I'm asking whether the classicists out there can throw
>>any light on it.
>I will check on this when I get to my office reference works, but I do have
>the remarks of Louw-Nida, which you may not have seen as yet:
>"#68.5: begin an activity with special emphasis upon the inception or
>possibly the suddenness with which the event takes place -- 'to begin.'
>EPIBALWN EKLAIEN 'he began to cry' Mk 14.72. It would also be possible to
>understand EPIBALLW in Mk 14.72 as meaning 'when he thought of it' or 'when
>he reflected on it' (see #30.7)." I've checked #30.7 and it doesn't really
>give any more information than this; one senses that we are being offered
>speculation here regarding a rather inadequately explained or unparalleled
>One thing I'd like to check on is possible use of this verb in the LXX to
>represent a Hebrew verb used as an auxiliary -- I have a somewhat vague
>memory of having seen it in the Joseph narrative in Genesis. I'll try to
>follow up on this. I have my doubts as to explanation from classical usage.
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Thanks for that. Yes, I suspect there may be some auxilary usage being
reflected here.