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>Here's a question for all the brilliant academics I read with admiration on
>here. I am writing an essay and Harvard referencing is compulsory. I
>can't find out how to reference electronic sources. I'm told the
>information is available in a book available in the US, but by the time I've
>traced it, ordered it and waited for it to arrive, I shall be well past my
>deadline. Would one of you be generous enough to give me examples of how to
>reference newsgroup sources, mailing list sources, IRC/chat sources and web
>pages/extracts from web pages?

There is a web page written by Melvin Page, prof. of history at E. Tenn.
State U. on this very question at:

It is a direct link from the Resource Page for Biblical Studies, compiled
by Torrey Seland, assoc. prof. of Biblical Studies at Volda College,

>May I have permission to forward this information to my fellow students
>(there are about a dozen of us who are in the same situation)

This is answered by the statement next to the copyright message, saying,

"This document may be reproduced and redistributed, but only
in its entirety and with full acknowledgement of its source
and authorship."

If you don't have web access, I'll be happy to email you a complete
copy of the page.

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