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At 08:25 PM 9/19/96 EDT, you wrote:
>Fellow Greeks,
>I have recently acquired the Logos 2 Bible s/w.
>I was trying to do a morphological search the
>other night to find all occurrences of the double
>accusative construction but I just couldn't get
>it to work.
>The On-line help wasn't very helpful - and the
>user interface is about as intuitive as a
>Sydney Street Directory written in Slovinian.
>Does anyone out there have any experience with
>this program?

Do you have version 2.0C of the Logos software? This upgrade fixed most of
the problems I previously had with morphological searches, as well as many
other problems. You can download the upgrade from their website, I think, but it really needs the new CD to shine. You should
receive, eventually, the upgrade to 2.0C if you are a registered user.

I want to go on record as one who is very appreciative of the tools Logos
has placed at my side. The software has revolutionized the method by which I
study the New Testament. I think it is a good revolution. The software has
improved greatly from the initial release. If anyone gave up on it early, he
or she should give it another try.

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