The sound of "o"...

Jonathan Robie (
17 Sep 96 17:11:04 EDT

Sorry to bring up an old theme, but there is a new twist...

I'm interested in the pronunciation of omikron in the NT period and in standard
scholarly "Erasmian" pronunciation. I just heard a CD from Parson's technology
which pronounces it like "o" in "Bob". I have always pronounced it like "o" in
"obey", and I believe that this is the pronunciation in modern Greek.

I have two questions:

1. Do some scholars pronounce it this way, or do they all pronounce it like "o"
in "Bob"? The practical question is, will people laugh at me if I continue to
pronounce it like "o" in "obey" ;-> I notice that books vary. Machen says that
it is pronounced like "o" in "obey". JACT says "o" as in "pot". Robertson's
short grammar says that "There was little difference in sound, if any, between
the sounds o, w, and ou. They were sounded nearly like our oo (not a dipthong)."
Does he really mean "oo" as in "boot"?

2. How was this pronounced in NT Greek, anyways, or was there variation?