RE: Why isn't BAPTIZW translated

James H. Vellenga (
Thu, 19 Sep 96 13:21:45 EDT

> From: "Carl W. Conrad" <>
> Is it possible that everybody's feelings would be greatly alleviated if we
> translated as follows the following verses, and then consistently did the
> same with the rest of the NT? As I recall, the word "dunk" has been used
> for the ritual practice and the name "Dunker" even applied to a sect;
> wasn't the Dunker Church a pivotal point in the Civil War battle of
> Sharpsburg/Antietam? And surely nobody would suppose, if we use the word
> "dunk," that we're talking about doughnuts? ....

Hmmm. Maybe those who are "holier" than thou. But from what I've
seen at the local doughnut shops, maybe even that can become a
ritual practice ....