Re: (Fwd) Coordinate series in Acts 2:42

David L. Moore (
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 12:46:09 -0400

Gregory Bloomquist 3027 wrote:

> In any case, whether there is or isn't a connection will have to be
> developed by more than just a simple rejection on Marshall's part. The
> fact that at least three of the elements of 2.42 are subsequently
> developed lexically -- rather than just thematically, which is always
> a point of criticism in much parallelomania! -- is to me worth
> probing. Furthermore, IF there is a connection, it suggests a
> radical re-writing of our understanding of apostolic teaching, the
> first element of 2.42.

It does seem to me that a fuller integration of the message of the
apostles with the miraculous powers they exercized in the Lord's name
would be a healthier way of understanding their message than now-prevalent
ideas that often fail to see the link between the teaching and the

If one wished to establish that Acts conveys such an integration
of the message with the miraculous powers, the 2:42-47 passage could be
helpful within the framework of an overview of Luke's writings. A book
that might be of interest, although it does not contain much comment on
this particular passage, is Roger Stronstad's _The Charismatic Theology of
St. Luke_ (Peabody, Ma.: Hendickson, 1984).


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