Difference between conditional sentences

Timothy B. Smith (xapa@usaor.net)
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 10:15:23 -0400

I am working with some students through Wallace's new grammar. We looked at
his section on conditional sentences. My students had a hard time grasping
the difference between what Wallace calls the third class and fifth class
conditional sentence. Wallace looks at the fifth class as a type of the
third class condition. The fifth class meets all the criteria of the third
class condition, but in addition it requires the use of the future
indicative in the apodosis. Does anyone know of some clear examples of the
fifth class in the New Testament that I can use to illustrate the difference
in the meaning between a third and fifth class conditional sentence?
Timothy B. Smith
Pastor, United Presbyterian Church In Ingram
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Faculty, Geneva College
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania