Re: parenetic

Carl W. Conrad (
Sun, 22 Sep 1996 21:15:13 -0500

At 10:41 PM -0500 9/22/96, Mike Phillips wrote:
>In Gundry's commentary on Mark, he uses this word and I can't find it's
>meaning. I thought perhaps it might be a Greek derivative. Could someone
>me by defining what Webster's and Roget's have not? Perhaps it's a
>misspelling? Any clues welcomed.

It's a word I've seen nowhere outside of NT criticism, but at least it
comes from a good and not uncommon verb, PARAINEW, advise, exhort, etc. It
is used to distinguish sections of NT letters that are offering ethical
advice or exhortation from parts that are doctrinal exposition. In the
Synoptics I suppose it must be used for the sections concerned
fundamentally with Jesus as ethical teacher, as in the Sermon on the Mount
or Sermon on the Plain.

Hope that helps.

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