Re: LOGOS in Classics (Plato) & John 1

David L. Moore (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 20:59:50 -0400

Albert Collver, III wrote:
> Hello,
> I am working on an assignment that deals with LOGOS in John 1. The assignment
> is to follow Logos before it was Christ's name; what is unique about LOGOS
> when it is Christ's name and what about LOGOS got Christ crucified.
> John 1:1 & John 1:14 are really the main NT texts for LOGOS. What I am
> needing assistance in is finding LOGOS before it was Christ's name. In some
> ways, it was Christ's name first (En arxh ... DaBaR -- Genesis 1). Any way...
> I am looking through Plato Phaedo and other works to find the Greek
> philosophical perspective on LOGOS. I would appreciate anyone with TLG access
> or knowledge of good sources in Classical Greek to point me in the right
> direction.

You could find the word used extensively in a theological sense in Philo
of Alexandria, a contemporary of Christ and of Paul. His writings using LOGOS
as a theological concept probably antedate their use in that respect in the New

You might also want to read the article on LOGOS in the _Theological
Dictionary of the New Testament_ (Also known as Kittel after its first editor).
Others on the list may also have additional suggestions.

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