parakletos. . .

Tom Launder (
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 16:19:14 -0700

Hello all,

I have been studying John 14:16 which introduces the ALLON PARAKLeTON.
There are many different translations of this word: Comforter, Paraclete,
Counselor, Advocate, your Advocate, and Helper.

My question is in regards to something that the articles and commentaries on
this word have discussed. These articles refer to the noun as being either
active or passive. Here is an example of one of the articles. "The noun
parakletos is derived from the verb parakaleo. . . Such nouns formations are
normally understood in a passive sense, i.e., 'one who is called for or

So am I to understand that this is some kind of verbal noun and therefore
can be taken either actively or passively? I really don't understand this
at all. Are there some other examples of this? Do we do this in English?



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