Verbal aspect in the future tense

Mark OBrien (
Thu, 26 Sep 96 08:49:18 CST

I am currently working on a thesis which is tackling the issue of verbal aspect
in the future tense, and although I already have a rapidly expanding
bibliography, I was wondering whether anyone might have any other choice items I
should read. Part of my work will be to trace the development and decline of
the future tense in the Greek language in general, review the various major
grammars, which tend to vary a little in their treatment of the future, and then
to do some some inductive work in the NT itself. I would appreciate any
pointers to sources you might think worthy of attention, or any other pointers
you might have. As always, thanks a bunch!


Mark O'Brien
Dallas Theological Seminary
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fantasize about those days when Harvard undergraduates studied the classics in
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