Acts 7:55

Beta-user Rob Elkington (
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 14:42:54 +0000

Dear B-Greekers

I am a lurker on the list - downloading your discussions and filing
them for future reference when working on a passage. However, I need
to come out of lurking for a moment to ask two questions:

I am working on an MTh thesis on "The Doctrine of Subsequence in the
Spirit Baptism Theology of the Pentecostal and Neo-Pentecostal
Experience". I have worked through all of the OT data and am now on
the Acts passages concerning Spirit filling.

Question 1. Acts 7:55 uses plhrhs pneumatwn agiou to describe the
Spirit filling of Stephen. Moulton lists this as an adjective. Is it
correct to assume that this is a qualitative statement concerning
Stephen? In most of the other instances of filling a verbal form is

Question 2. Expositors comment on this verse states "crscente furore
hostium, in Stephano crescit robur spiritus, omnisque fructus
Spiritus". Can anyone translate this into English?

Thanks for your help

Rob Elkington
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