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One good reason to think that Paul in 1 Cor. is quoting slogans
from the Corinthians is that he is explicitly (from ch. 7 on) replying to a
letter they had written him. A number of slogans appear from there on.
But of course, since this is a little earlier than the answers to
their questions begin, it is as Marty says: we have no [clear] signals that
Paul is quoting them HERE.
Still, it's a puzzle, and the suggestion is provocative.

Edward Hobbs


<One interesting interpretation is that the first clause, "Every sin a man
<commits is outside the body," is a Corinthian slogan, and Paul is refuting it:
<"but a fornicator (as a counter-example) sins against his own body."

<Of course, a major weakness of this argument is that we have no signals from
<the text that Paul is quoting the Corinthians on this. Presumably they would
<know when he is responding to them.

<I am not totally convinced that this is a Corinthian slogan, but it is an
<interesting suggestion.

<Marty Brownfield