Re: Camel or Rope?

David L. Moore (
Tue, 01 Oct 1996 13:30:54 -0400

Kevin W. Woodruff wrote:
> Yes the word KAMHLOS (camel) and KAMILOS (rope or cable). But this is not
> the solution for Matthew 19:24
> At 06:49 AM 10/1/96 -0700, you wrote:
> > I'm new to the list so forgive me if this has
> > been asked before ... Is there a Greek word
> > for "camel" that if it is changed by one letter
> > becomes a word for "cable" or "rope"?
> >
> > Ed Van Etten
> > Ontario, California
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Luke's word for needle, in the parallel of this passage in
Matthew, is BELONH which is different than the word the latter uses.
Moulton and Milligan cite Hobart to the effect that BELONH refers
specifically to the needle used in surgical operations (W. K. Hobart,
_The Medical Language of Saint Luke_, [London, 1882], p. 61, as cited in
M&M, s.v. BELONH). Nevertheless, I could find no medical references to

Luke's use, however, of a different word meaning "needle" does
indicate that attestation for this interpretatation is very ancient; and
Bl-DeB is probably correct in considering the v. l. in Matthew of KAMILOS
for KAMHLOS a "later artificial rationalization" (Bl-DeB, #24).

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