Mark 1:21

Mike Phillips (
Wed, 2 Oct 1996 07:29:38 -0700

I have some questions here in terms of rendering:
tois sabbasin (locative dative of time?)
why plural -- on the sabbaths, and why do most render it in the
singular, on the sabbath?
eiselqwn (aorist active participle nom s masc)
given the imperfect aspect of edidasken, would this be rendered WHEN or
AFTER or something else?
edidasken (imperfect 3rd sing)
most render this as taught, whereas I tend to read the whole line as
(And) They enter (or come to) Capernaum, and straightway when entering the
assembly on the sabbaths he was teaching.

This suggests a habit rather than a singular event. I welcome more
insightful commentary.
Mike Phillips

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