R Rev 6.6 & edicty of Domitian

Braulio A. Barillas S. (parakal@quetzal.net)
Tue, 1 Oct 1996 22:13:29 -0600

Dr. Juan Stam
It's a big pleasure for me to know about you, in this group of
B-Greek. You were my teacher of the course " Eclesiastic History of the
Americas " in the year 1983 at the University Mariano Galvez ( U.M.G.) in
Guatemala,City, when I was studying Teology for my master's degree.
I have read your post of the 09/28/96 that refers to Rev. 6.6 d & edicty of
I have not found the necesary fundamentation related to your edicty of
Domitian 6.6 d. My quick opinion for your passage, is that the end of the
verse gives a reflexion to keep from the luxiries of live represented by
wine and oil, that are necesary but not indispensable, because they create
vanity in man.
The verse has a great impresion of justice through ascetism.

Sincelery all B-Greek specially Dr. Stam

Braulio Barillas
E-mail: parakal@quetzal.net