A test and a proposal.

moore (moore@enter.net)
Sat, 5 Oct 1996 19:15:11 -0400

Hey folks, this is just a test of my new greek program for e-mail:

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While I was here I wanted your opinion about this proposed translation of I
Tim 1:10-11:

"Indeed, if (used) any other way, it is contrary to the sound teaching that
conforms to the gospel of the glory of the blessed God, which he entrusted
to me."

The point in question is understanding the refernce to be the use of the
law (cf. ellipsis) rather than other sins as is the usual understanding.
The context might then be summerized as a contrast between the law's
positive purpose when used legitimately and the law's negative result when
used illegitimately. I haven't seen this idea considered in the
literature, but it seems like a good idea to me and one of no little
significance for the ongoing arguments about the role of the law.

By the way, the program is "Eudora Greek 1.0.1" downloaded from
Shareware.com for the Mac platform.

Todd D. Moore
Perkasie, PA