RE: Symbol for Christ?

Albert Collver, III (
Mon, 7 Oct 96 16:02:25 UT

What you are seeing is the first two letters of Christ's name in Greek.
XRISTOS (CHRISTOS). The CHI (X) and the RHO (P) are superimposed on top of
each other. I don't know the origin but I think it has to do with some early
manuscripts where XRISTOS was abbreviated and then the case (nomative,
genative,etc) would be written after the CHI-RHO. Perhaps, someone more
knowledgeable could comment.

Al Collver

From: Vanetten.Edward
Sent: Monday, October 07, 1996 9:39 AM
Subject: Symbol for Christ?

I've seen a symbol on some churches and elsewhere
what looks like X P superimposed with rho
larger than chi. I assume that it is a symbol
for Christ. Anyone know the origin of that
symbol and if it has a name?

Edward Van Etten
Ontario, California