Re: Gal 5:5: completely impenetrable

Jonathan Robie (74144.2360@CompuServe.COM)
08 Oct 96 08:25:46 EDT

Carl Conrad wrote:

> One unpacking...I'm sure there will be others

Here's one from the DaBhaR-Uebersetzung, a published hyperliteral translation
from Germany:

Denn wir sind (im) Geist aus Treun
(auf die) Erwartung (der) Gerechtigkeit

A quick hyperliteral translation of this hyperliteral translation would be:

For we are (in the) spirit through faith(fulness)*
(for the) expectation (of) righteousness

* Treun is a non-existent German word constructed by DaBhaR to convey the
ambiguity of faith/faithfulness. (DaBhaR likes to create German words and
grammar on the spot to try to explain the Greek)
** The German word used for expectation here contains the German word for
judgement, so DaBhaR uses parentheses very cleverly to make point this out.

Frankly, I hadn't been able to understand this until I read Carl's message. Note
that both of these try to maintain similar ambiguities. Here is Carl's again:

> "The reason (why the attempt to win justification by Law results in
> being cut off from grace {5:4}) is that by means of the Spirit we
> acquire our expectation of justification (i.e. our expectation that
> we SHALL be made righteous) as a consequence of our (or Christ's?
> or both ours and Christ's?) faith/faithfulness."

Incidentally, the DaBhaR translation was given to me this week by a former
pastor of mine in Berlin. I have only Romans-Galatians, and the book does not
identify the author or publisher. I'll have to ask him about it. Does anybody
out there know anything about DaBhaR? It just might be from East Germany, since
my pastor was East German. That might explain why there is no information about
author or publisher.


> > Can anybody rescue me?
> " . . . from this body of death?" That requires a savior,
> not a B-Greek list!

Diese Professoren sind ganz schoen frech...