Re: memorizing vocabulary

Dale M. Wheeler (
Mon, 07 Oct 1996 09:22:44 -0700

I have found that the vocabulary cards which go with (as well
as the pictures within) Greek To Me to be an invaluable tool
for students in memorizing vocab (and forms).

My students cover GTM in 20 weeks, during which time they
memorize the words which occur 25+ times (which is the vocab
covered by GTM). At the end of the second semester (30 weeks)
they take a comprehensive exam over EVERYTHING (vocab and
forms; the test run @20 pages single space, small print).
Most everyone (an average class is about 25-30) can get in
the upper 80 to lower 90 percentile on this test. BTW, during
the last 10 weeks of the second semester we read through the
whole of the Gospel of Mark, which again the vast majority of
them have little trouble with (not to say that they don't have
to work at it, but with all that vocab under their belts already
they can handle this text just fine).

Vocab using the cards is relatively easy for them; and the
goofier the picture on the card the easier it is for them to
remember it (what I find is that gradually they loose the
goofy picture association and make the connection to the
meaning of Greek word directly). Lyle Story, the author of
GTM and publisher of the card, is on this list and has posted
his addresses before; perhaps (since I think someone else asked
about the GTM cards recently) he could once again post that
info for all...

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