Re: (Fwd) Re. Know in John 6 (OIDAMEN vs EGNWKAMEN)
Thu, 10 Oct 1996 12:22:27 +0000


Thanks so much for the help. Your comments and references have
helped to cast the light on the subject I needed. I was afraid that
I was in danger of lending too much weight to a supposed distinction.
I too like the last comment regarding John's precision. We tend to
forget that we don't use our language in anything like the technical
precision we assign to biblical writer's at times. Usually what
is communicated comes across more in the spirit of what is said than
in the grammar! We simply use syntax as a vehicle to communicate
that 'spirit.'

It was helpful in particular to see the references to John's use
of synonyms, and that this is often significant if not squeezed to

Paul F. Evans
Thunder Swamp P. H. Church
North Carolina
(Endeavouring to make use of NT Greek in a real live ministry!)