Position profile

Michael Martin (dmmartn@ix.netcom.com)
Sat, 12 Oct 1996 13:56:41 -0700

To all you sharp-eyed b-greekers,

Sorry about the error in the posted "position profile." I did not
originate the profile but did commit the sin of passing it on without
proof reading it. (I did do a spell check, which succeeded only in
demonstrating the limitations of spell checkers.)

Please do not confuse error with ignorance. I am sure that you can all
commiserate with a person who allows an error to slip through the
proofing process. I assure you that any future posts will undergo a
scrutiny commensurate with the precision demanded by the readers of

Again, I do not wish to clutter up the group's discussions with
off-topic chatter. If you have any response to the profile please reply
to me directly.

(I will not send the group a corrected post, since I am sure that you
all caught the mistake and were not confused by it. I would appreciate
it if anyone who forwards the post, however, would first replace the
offending "commiserate" with the correct "commensurate.")


Michael Martin