Re: [Intro Greek]: Independent Subjunctives

Dexter Garnier (
Sun, 20 Oct 96 19:12:17 -0700

Dear Prof. Conrad

Please excuse this off list (B-Greek) intrusion. I wanted to thank you
for your comments :

>Subject: Re: [Intro Greek]: Independent Subjunctives
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>Received: 10/20/96 5:49 PM
>From: Carl W. Conrad,

Timothy Dickens wrote me off list to apologize for his response to my
original message which you corrected. I would also like take this
opportunity to say that in the 3 months I have been subscribed to the
B-Greek list it has always been a treat to read your messages both for
your knowledge of the material and the way you express that knowledge.

Thanks Again and Best Regards,

Dexter Garnier
San Francisco, CA