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Mary A. Moody (
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 11:30:59 -0400

>Somi asked:
>>Does anyone know what the software program is called that gives me greek and
>>hebrew fonts for use with word 6.0? (Not the internet fonts. They place
>>all the vowels and accents very inaccurately which can be frustrating at
>The best commercial fonts for both Greek and Hebrew are from Linguist's
>Software, Dr. Phil Payne, PO Box 580, Edmonds, WA 98020, (206)775-1130,
>fax 771-5911--but they aren't cheap: list is about $100 each.
>A good alternative is to use the fonts that Bill Mounce provides with his
>vocab. software and textbook. The Greek font is a TrueType font and can be
>downloaded from:
>His Hebrew font is only a bitmapped font, so is less useful.
>Other sources of useable fonts are the various Bible software programs:
>Accordance on the Mac platform and Logos on Windows (you didn't say which
>you used). Both have good Greek and Hebrew fonts if you have the modules
>that include Greek and Hebrew texts. (Logos has apparently even licensed
>the Graeca font from Linguist's Software for v. 2.) Others on this list use
>SMK Greek Keys (or some such name/font as that), but I'm not familiar with
>that font.
> Rodney J. Decker, Asst. Prof./NT Baptist Bible Seminary
> Clarks Summit, PA

Dear Somi and Rod,

If you are a member of SBL, the Linguist's Software fonts are 20% off at
the annual meeting.


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