Re: Little Greek competition

Dexter Garnier (
Wed, 23 Oct 96 20:58:48 -0700

Jonathan Robie wrote:

>Subject: Little Greek competition
>From: Jonathan Robie,
>> At 08:42 PM 10/19/96 -0700, Dexter Garnier wrote:
>> And that too still applies. Sorry for such a long message (Oh the
>> bandwidth!) for what surely is a very small matter from one who, if
>> Jonathan Robie is a "Little Greek," than surely I am a "micro
>> Greek" or some such.

Jonathan Robie responded:

>Please, let's not start a competition for who is the littlest Greek...

There was no competetive intention in my mind or heart whatsoever. I was
just a little embarrassed about the low level of my knowledge of Greek.
The initial post I wrote was sent to *Intro_greek* (a list for Ancient
Greek beginners) and someone over there cross posted it to B-Greek, so I
felt the B-Greekers deserved an explanation because the post was NOT
about B-Greek specifically, which is the purpose of this list.

>I think people in this group are glad to help,

I don't believe I said anything that would indicate I felt otherwise. I
am on several lists, and B-Greek is my favorite exactly for that reason.
Someday when I can at least read Greek with a small measure of competence
I hope to participate rather than lurk. Alas, that day is not yet, and
right now seems to be in the rather distant future.

>and nobody has complained about bandwidth.

I have seen complaints about bandwidth, but I was just trying to make
light of a situation that I felt awkward about. Jonathan, I really hope I
didn't offend you. The questions you have posted to B-Greek have resulted
in some very good discussion that I have learned much from. If I have
indeed somehow said or done something please accept my genuine regret.
There was no offense intended.

Dexter Garnier
San Francisco, CA