Brian E. Wilson (
Sat, 26 Oct 1996 19:14:36 +0100

>As a beginning greek student I am coming to the experts for information. Why
>have the translators not translated the word "BAPTIZW," but transliterated it.
>I am under the impression that it means "to immerse." Is this not correct?
>If it is correct than why do most translations say "baptize" instead? Any help
>you can give would be greatly appreciated. It would seem that it would be of
>tremendous benefit in our interpretation to translate rather than
As a Greek word, BAPTIZW is used without the necessity of translation by
the Greek Orthodox Church. I believe they have BAPTIZED infants and
adults from the year dot down to the present day. Why not answer the
question by observing what they do? My impression is that in the Greek
Orthodox Church, BAPTISMA is, and always has been, by total immersion,
whether infants or adults. I am not absolutey sure, however. Perhaps
someone from that Communion can tell us if this is truly so?
Brian E. Wilson