Re: Discount sources for non-NT tech. books?

Nichael Lynn Cramer (
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 10:56:56 -0500

At 8:39 AM 10/28/96, Rod Decker wrote:
>Are there any mailorder or web-based discount sources for technical books
>outside of NT/biblical studies areas? I know of many for biblical studies,
>but surely there must be sources for classical studies, etc.? (I'm aware of
>, but the tech. stuff is special order and no discount there;
> can get this material, but apparently no discount
>there either.) I'm particularly trying to locate a source for several items
>noted here recently. [...]


I can't help with the specific items, but one place to keep in mind
--assuming you don't already know about them-- is Dove Booksellers:

30633 Schoolcraft Rd #C
Livonia, MI 48150

Although Dove is primarily "biblical studies", they do have a very broad
selection, typically good discounts and a very nice used books catalogue
(as well as being net-wired).

Hope this helps

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