"little Greeks"

Edgar M. Krentz (emkrentz@mcs.com)
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 17:02:40 -0500

People are using this phrase too much, in my opinion. I suggest that all
people who send communications to B-Greek drop it. It gives me two negative
reactions that I do not like in myself.

1. (i)Graeculus(/i) has a disparaging tone in Latin--and comes across to me
the same way in English. Why denigrate yourself? It tends to make me say to
myself, if that is how one feels, if one apologies for one's question, why
should I bother to answer? I answer questions because they are interesting,
no matter who asks them.

2. OR, it sounds like the person who pleads humility so much one suspects
they are proud of it.

Whether my reactions are good or bad (and it's probably the latter), I
would appreciate it if those apologies for being little Greeks would not
take up space and people would assume that there are no foolish or overly
simple questions in Greek, only foolish or overly simple answers.

thans for listening to me ;-)

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