Need A Translation: Thanks

Jim Brooks (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 14:39:04 -0800

I received several translations for the Latin poem I posted a few days ago.
For those, such as I, who know virtually no Latin but are curious as to what
it said; and for those who offered translations and are curious as to what
others said...I give you the following translations:


Componitur orbis
Regis ad exemplum; nec tantum inflectere sensus
Humanos edicta valent, quam vita regentis.
Mobile mutatur semper cum principe vulgus.


"(Our) world is patterned after the king; and yet edicts cannot impact upon
the senses so much as (does) the ruler's life(-style). (Just as) fickle,
the populace always changes in company with (its) ruler."


He composes or puts together the world
He (who) rules by example (his rule is a model;)
and not only by imposing his feelings
Human power is strong, where it rules life
but it always changes (or goes along )with the chief mob (group of


The world is ordered according to the example of the king; nor are
decrees worth so much in influencing the attitudes of men as is the life
of the ruler. The inconstant masses are always swayed by their leader.


The world is guided by the model of the ruler.
Edicts do not carry the power to alter human senses
as much as the life of the person ruling does.
A people in flux always change with the person in charge.


There may be more forthcoming and if any are interested let me know and I'll
send them to you.

Where did I find this and why the interest? I was reading Proverbs 29 the
other day and ran across verse 12:

If a ruler pays attention to falsehood,
All his ministers become wicked.

I looked at the comments Charles Bridges had to make on this verse and he
quoted the aforementioned Latin poem in a footnote. Any comments on how this
relates to the current (which will probably remain the same after Nov 5th)

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