Acts 1:8: epelqontos

Jonathan Robie (
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 12:56:39 -0500

I'm not quite sure where 'epelqontos' fits in. Here's the passage:

Acts 1:8 (GNT) alla lhmyesqe dunamin epelqontos tou agiou pneumatos ef umas
kai esesqe mou martures en te Ierousalhm kai en pash th Ioudaia kai Samareia
kai ews escatou ths ghs

Several parsings seem plausible to me. I'm enclosing some categories of
genitive which I think correspond to the translations:

1. "you shall receive power: the coming of the Holy Spirit upon you"
(epexegetical genitive)
2. "you shall receive power *when* the Holy Spirit comes upon you" (genitive
of time),
3. "you shall receive power *through* the coming of the Holy Spirit upon
you" (genitive of agency)

Is there any reason to prefer one of these interpretations to another? Am I
using the categories correctly?


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