Re: Archive

Carl W. Conrad (
Fri, 1 Nov 1996 11:01:34 -0600

At 9:47 AM -0600 11/1/96, Jeffrey Gibson wrote:
>Can anyone help me in connecting to the archives of previous postings?
>Each time I try to call it up I get a "hypertext not available at this
>time" message. Is there a secret address?

There simply is no archive of recent posts available at this time; the one
that James Tauber used to maintain in Australia has been disconnected,
apparently because there was insufficient space at the website to maintain
the ready availability of a sizable archive of only secondary significance
to the group providing the web space. The other archive--the one at the
Gramcord site--actually has only a few months of archives, and if I recall
rightly, they don't extend beyond the end of 1995. So there's nothing at
all of archives for 1996 beyond what those of us have who have kept all the
postings for ourselves. It is quite possible that we shall have a new
archive site sometime in the nearer or more distant future (it's being
talked about, which is all I can say), but this is all up in the air and
likely to remain that way for awhile. This list depends upon the generosity
of sponsors, in particular of David John Marotta, the list-owner, to whom
we cannot be too grateful.

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