Alan Repurk (lars@repurk.mw.com)
Fri, 01 Nov 1996 13:24:48 -0800

Hello Greeks of all sizes :)

Is there a difference between these two forms ?



1. discourse, conversation,
2. common language, talk,
II. speech, language, ; but also, spoken, opp. written language,
2. the language of a country,
esp. dialect, as Ionic, Attic, also, local word or expression
III. way of speaking, accent, modes of expression,
IV. style,

glw=ssa, Ion. gla/ssa,
Herod.3.84, al., SIG1002.7 (Milet.), Schwyzer 692 (Chios),
Att. glw=tta, hs, h(, tongue,Hom. Od. 3.332, etc.
b. g. la/ruggos, = glwtti/s , larynx, Gal.UP7.13.
2. tongue, as the organ of speech,
3. of persons, one who is all tongue, speaker, of Pericles, m
4. h( g. tou= tamiei/ou the advocacy of the fiscus, Philostr. VS2.29.
II. language, speak a language or dialect, ; dialect,
2. obsolete or foreign word, which needs explanation,
3. people speaking a distinct language, LXX.Ju.3.8 (pl.), interpol. in Scyl.15.
III. anything shaped like the tongue
1. in Music, rced or tongue of a pipe
2. tongue or thong of leather, shoe-latchet,
3. tongue of land, App
4. ingot,
5. marking on the liver, in divination,