Re: Absolute genitive: here is what my Gramcord says...

Carl W. Conrad (
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 20:25:46 -0600

At 9:14 PM -0600 11/1/96, Jonathan Robie wrote:
>Thanks for the confirmation!
>Actually, I didn't *invest* in Gramcord, I talked my way into becoming a
>beta site. However, I could have bought it for $125.00 for Bible Companion.
>For my own personal use, it would still be more than I would have spent,
>though, since I'm still struggling with the basics.
>I'd be glad to do searches for you if you want, but I can only search the
>GNT right now. Later, I'll be able to do the LXX as well.

Well, actually, I can do a search of the sort I described on the TLG disk or the PHI disk, both of which have the UBS3 edition of GNT. Also, there's a tagged GNT at UPa in Philadelphia (do you know Jim O'Donnell's fantastic web site?). James Tauber is at work--or may by this time have finished the job--preparing a new searchable GNT, at least part of which was on-line there at the UPa site; he was also going to publish it, but I haven't heard much about this recently, and I've never taken the time to try out the facility there. As I said, I can do the sorts of searches I need to on LG or PHI just using the Perseus Macintosh search program, Pandora. And the new Pandora based on Tk/Tc (which I know how to type but not much else) will do searches eiher on TLG D-disk or on-line on the texts at the Perseus web-site. Incidentally, you might be interested in that, since there is a Windows version of that program available at the Perseus FTP site (accessible through the main Perseus opening p
age); it's an early Beta, but it's promising.

I see you have a couple other off-list posts for me, so I'll not try to respond to anything beyond this subject matter right now.

Ciao, c