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> Subject: II Timothy 2:24
> Date: Sunday, November 03, 1996 19.30
> To: Upper-Middle to Big Greeks
> From: Medium-Little Greek (or, an out-of-circulation Medium Greek)
> I am wondering if anyone could look something up for me, please. Even
> though I'm living in the West Indies, I have more of a library than you
> might have guessed. But I have less than a Big Greek would be satisfied
> ANEXIKAKOV (translit. correct?), in II Timothy 2:24, is a hapax.
> Can anyone cite a use of this word in a non-b-greek source which
> well-illustrates its probable usage here?
> Translations include:
> KJV: patient
> RSV: forbearing
> NASB: patient when wronged
> NIV: not resentful (!)
> Thanks.
> Stephen Schaefer
> Grenada, West Indies

Hi all

I have decided to throw in my lot here at b-greek for the first time. I
have looked up this word and found it to be extremely interesting and in
fact speaks exactly to a situation with which I was dealing only this

anexikakon - acc. sing. masc anexikakos

According to Walter Bauer this word is used in the Apocryphal Book "The
Wisdom of Solomon" 2: 19 also and is translated *forbearance*. It speaks to
*bearing evil without resentment*, the *patience* of the Christian. I take
it to mean leaving room open always for communication and reconciliation.

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