Re: Mt 2:22-23/Herod's Sons: questions for this list?

Mr. Timothy T. Dickens (
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 15:28:19 -0500 (EST)

At 01:44 PM 11/3/96 +0400, Carlton Winbery wrote:
>Carl Conrad and I both are on the b-g board and wish to call your attention
>to the fact that this list has a specific purpose, the discussion of
>biblical Greek. It is not intended as simply a free list for the
>discussion of any question whether relevant to the purpose or not. We hope
>you will not continue to insist on putting just any question on the list.
>Your first question can be answered by consulting any Introduction to the
>NT. We ask that you respect the purpose of this list. Carl gave you some
>free and good advice out of his own gracious spirit. Please take it.
>Carlton Winbery

I just do not understand why Carl Conrad would embarrass me openly
on B-Greek the way he did! He, after all, just finished saying that B-Greek
was for greek endeavors and then he contradicts himself 'openly' by saying
what he did to via. cc: to B-Greek!

Quite honestly, there is something to be said about relying too
heavily on info from discussion groups, but I was deeply hurt; almost to
the point of tears (can ya believe what this internet mess can do to a person?).

If Carl had've said something to me off the list personally, it
would not have been so bad, but this was made public. You (and whoever else)
are asking me to consider the members at b-greek and the overall tone to
Koine and Attic Greek. But consider yourself needful, if you are on the
'b-g board', to become accountable for your actions when one member openly
embarrasses another member on-line (and of all things Carlton, you seem to
be in agreement with this type of 'disciplinary action!' What type of person
are you!!!).

One more thing, as my outgoing signature says, I live in Smyrna and
not NY. Obviously, someone did not pay close enough attention to this.

Finally, while I do not want to sound defiant to a would-be 'board'
member, until I start PAYING you or Carl Conrad money for a subscription to
b-Greek, I will send in questions that I THINK are relevant to studies of
the Greek New Testament.

Peace and Love,
Timothy T. Dickens
Smyrna, GA Home School

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