Re: Reading the classics to improve fine-tuning

Jonathan Robie (
Mon, 04 Nov 1996 09:14:26 -0500

Thanks for the comprehensive message, which contains both a reading plan for
attacking non-NT Greek and lots of good general advice for improving Greek
reading skills. This is *extremely* helpful. I'm saving it, since I think
I'll be looking at it from time to time over the next few years (e.g., when
I finish reading something).

At 10:52 PM 11/3/96 -0500, Edgar M. Krentz wrote:

>Pay attention to the Greek proverb: OU POLL' ALLA POLU. It's good advice,
>and as they say in Latin, FESTINA LENTE!

I like and appreciate the Greek proverb, but I'm afraid I don't know *any*
Latin. Could I beg for a translation?

>I hope you find something useful in all this. Peace

Very much so!


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