RE: My silence does not mean absence!

Albert Collver, III (
Thu, 7 Nov 96 12:55:22 UT

Here is a book that I have found helpful - Mastering Greek Vocabulary by
Thomas A. Robinson. He lists all the words in the NT. He begins with
English/Greek cognates and moves on from their building on what was learned in
previous lessons.
Al Collver

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From: Somi Chuhon
Sent: Thursday, November 07, 1996 2:47 AM
Subject: My silence does not mean absence!

I have missed chatting with all of you in the posts that I have been silence is due to the load of schoolwork that is upon me (as
usually is at this time fo the year). I am skimming the posts but have no
time to respond intelligently (at least, I hope I have been intelligent in
my reponses! *smile*)

I would like to know if anyone can recommend a good book for memorizing
Greek vocabulary. I used Vanderhoost (is that how you spell his name?) in
the past and have been told that it is NOT exhaustive, despite it's claim.
Has anyone found a good book with ALL the GNT words in it?


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