Re: LOGOS & hRHMA (was Ancient grammarians)

Jonathan Robie (
Fri, 08 Nov 1996 13:04:24 -0500

At 11:16 AM 11/8/96 -0600, you wrote:

>Big, Big, Big questions. I wish I had time to detail a response, but right
>now I've got to get ready for a lecture. Maybe later. Perhaps somebody else
>will have dealt with it by then, but anybody who deals with it adequately
>will not get it stated very briefly!

I know, little Greeks with big questions...

Maybe I should just look it up in the OED? ;->

A couple of meta-comments regarding recent list activity:

1. I appreciate your irenic messages to Timothy Dickens, but I also hope that
you wouldn't be quite as irenic with me. *Please* let me know any time that
you think I should consider handling things differently in order to promote
better discussion on the list.

2. Waiting a little while is probably not a bad idea anyways.
I notice that sometimes the list just waits for Carl Conrad to answer, and
that your answer to a question is often the end of a discussion. I don't really
know if there is anything to be done here - you really are quite good, and
that is widely recognized - but maybe we could goad some of the other scholars
into answering more frequently? The current discussions between you and Edgar
Krentz on grammar and style are fascinating.


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