Re: More lore, please.

Carlton Winbery (
Fri, 8 Nov 1996 17:05:29 +0400

>One story passed on to me by George Caird abot C.H. Dodd (and also noted
>by Dillitstone in his biography of Dodd) is how Dodd, the head of the
>translation committee for the NT of the NEB - and chief translator of Gos
>of John, came about to give the translation he does for the 200 denarii
>in John 6. Apparently, Dodd rang up the bursar of his college at
>"the other place" (let the non Oxfordians understand) and asked how
>much it would cost in current currency to give a two sandwich
>picnic for 5000. The answer that the bursar gave Dodd is what is found
>in the text of the NEB.

Another story from Caird about Dodd's work on the NEB is that he went to a
slaughter house and asked what they would call a calf that was slaughtered
for a roasting. They replied, "a fatted calf." Hence, the NEB has "the
fatted calf."

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