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Mon, 11 Nov 1996 02:45:47 -0500

In a class that I audited Walter Elwell once mentioned a book that I have
always thought I would like to read though I have not yet done so; seekers
of lore regarding NT scholars of earlier generations might track it down.
If I recall Elwell's comments correctly (and it's been some years) it
includes some of Tischendorff's adventures, someone else's shipwreck,
and more. "Profit with delight?" Quite properly Hellenistic, I think.

AUTHOR: Howard, Wilbert Francis, 1880-1952.
TITLE: The romance of New Testament scholarship.
PUB. INFO: London, Epworth Press [1949]
DESCRIPTION: 164 p. 20 cm.

I personally think it would be a blast to see some senior personage in the
field of NT put together a book of anecdotes. What will become of all the
A.D. Nock stories if no one writes them down? I know David Scholer and
Charles Carlston have lots of stories--no doubt Eds Krentz and Hobbs and
other members of this list do as well.... (Not suggesting of course that
or all of these are OLD enough to be called "senior," but one alternate
definition of seniority have something to do with wealth in lore.)
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