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Jonathan Robie (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 17:09:02 -0500

At 01:31 PM 11/13/96 -600, Jeffrey Gibson wrote:
>On Wed, 13 Nov 1996, Rod Decker wrote:
>> Paul asked (in part):
>> >...had a copy of BAGD since college. However, I have not been able to
>> >"get much out of it." Somewhere down the line we were never exposed
>> >... Is there any way to get practical and useful info. from it. And
>> >how can I determine

I've tried asking this kind of question here twice, and for some reason,
I've never been really satisfied with the answers I get. There clearly are
differences in the way you use different word study tools (BAGD, Louw and
Nida, Little Kittel, LSJ, etc), and these differences are hard for us little
Greeks to grasp, so we use them in the wrong way and get the wrong answers
after more work than I like to admit.

When I tried to describe some of these tools in the prototype FAQ, I got
feedback indicating that Louw and Nida had completely different purposes,
and this should be made clear. But I don't know how to clearly state the

I have Danker's Multipurpose Tools, and have read the intros to the works I
use, but I still don't have a good sense for this.

Could somebody *please* give a summary of the different ways you use these
different works?


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