Re: Acts 2:22-24

Carl W. Conrad (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 22:39:54 -0600

At 7:35 PM -0600 11/12/96, Gregory Bloomquist 3027 wrote:
>Re. ACTS-L:
>Alas, it is true, the list is, like life itself, sporadic. :-) It
>will, of course, cease to BE sporadic when queries are posted.
>For, the site is intended for the general discussion of Luke-Acts.
>So, in addition to Carl's suggested sites, check also the course (and,
>yes, coarse) site that spawned ACTS-L, namely, THO2151 at Saint Paul
>University in OTTAWA (please, not Toronto: we have to contend with
>Toronto-centrism enough up here already!) at:

My thanks to Greg Bloomquist for the additional URL and for the correction
of my egregious error, and my apologies for having made it.

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