Luke 7:47

Mike Luper (
Sat, 09 Nov 1996 12:08:36 -0800


I have been "lurking" for so time on the list--and enjoying immensely I
might add. Now I have two questions to pose.

First, in working through Young's grammar I came across a reference he
makes to a "cataphoric demonstrative" (p. 190). I have never heard of
the term "cataphoric" and could not track it down in any dictionary or
linguistic text. Could somebody offer some insight on the meaning of
this term?

Secondly, in the Greek Grammar course I am currently teaching we will
shortly be translating Luke 7:47, and I have a question with regard to
the use of hOTI in this verse. Young points to Zerwick who suggests that
it is to be taken as causal, "in the special sense which gives the
reason not why the fact is so, but whereby it is known to be so." It is
clear from the latter portion of the verse, "for the one to whom little
is forgiven, loves little" that the meaning of the initial portion is
not that the woman is forgiven "because" she loved, but the explanations
regarding the usage here seem a bit strained. I noted that Young
suggests the rare use of hOTI as result. I searched through a number of
advanced Grammars and can find no indication of such a usage, but I was
wondering if the use of hOTI as result was part of its usage outside of
the NT. Taking hOTI as result in this verse would sure seem to
preferable to the other possible readings--although I have a hunch that
since none of the major commentaries I have read on Luke suggest this
possiblity that it is not too plausible an explanation.

Well, thanks for any help you can give.


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